Compare The Best ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting

Ever wished you could explore prehistoric and supernatural times or live the experiences of the characters from Jurassic park (possibly not all of them), well this is what ARK; survival evolved allows you to do. Set on a mysterious island, this survival game pits you against the elements, terrifying creatures and the worst of all, man. You must traverse the wilderness and hope to ultimately escape.

Like many survival games, you must adapt to your environment and use the resources available to you. Be this freshwater or the large and mysterious creature which roam the island. These can be both friend or foe as you learn to tame the beasts to your will. However, with the people on the island, you must approach with caution and hopefully strike an alliance before they take you out.

One of the most popular aspects of this game and the one that has reviewers raving about is the ability to capture, train and use a multitude of creatures. You can use these to do battle, carry equipment and help you survive.

You will be challenged by the island, its ever-changing moon cycles, climate and unforgiving territory. This game is not for the novices and the gaming ability is one of the main reasons why a personal server is one of the best options for this game and why many have chosen that route.

With over 21 supported languages you will find players from across the globe to team up with or battel, purchase expansion packs for greater gameplay or try your hand at your own server to play with friends.

With Studio wildcard and Ark, you can also play other versions of the game such as Ark extinction and Genisis among others.


As you probably already know there are benefits and drawbacks to playing on a public server. You can play across time zones and continents, use these time differences to your advantage and you get to play around with all the functionality of the gaming universe. But hosting your own server is always so much better.

You know you’d prefer to team up with or wipe out your friends, much more than some kids who are only in it for the quick thrills. We always recommend getting your own server for the game because of the range of possibilities it can afford.

Arks public servers are great for getting an understanding of the basics for the game such as scavenging and taming animals, but you can also do this on your own server. Either way, once you have the fundamentals, it’s better to create your own world with your friends and generate unique gameplays such as forming tribes that provide the most entertainment.

Cross-Ark travel: One of the key benefits of having multiple servers is the ability to move players and creature between worlds so the game never getting boring. If you and some friends each have a server, the possibilities of altering the game are near endless. This isn’t possible on a public server.

Once you find the right server you will also be able to automatically update the game through the official updates with a simple click. That’s why it’s important to shop around for a quality sever which has the right specs to allow you to update and maintain great gameplay. You can also change mods on your personal server allowing the game to be battle focused, survival or building among a host of other options.

ARK and the Future

Ark was Released in 2017, so it is a relatively new game when it comes to the open-world format. You will find the developers and continuously updating and working out kinks found within the game. Although not cross-compatible on most devices at the moment, Ark is available on Xbox and PS4. Though with the max number of players being almost 200, the PC remains the best place to play this game.

A few things to consider

When choosing a server remember why you are doing it in the first place, to build a community or to just hang with some friends? In that case, try to search for a local server as it will be easier to manage and there will be a much less chance of downtime.

Some hosts will provide you with the opportunity to explore new worlds or variations of the one you are used to. If you are tired of the island set up, exploring new places on top of your Dino can be just as fun.