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Dig, fight, explore, build! These are the simple concepts that make Terraria great. The 2D sandbox format of this game makes the user experience a lot different from many other modern games. This action-packed game allows you to search for treasures and tools to help you create your own path to victory. You can build weapons and machinery, cities and armies to conquer your enemies or form alliances in one of the oldest world-building games around. If you enjoy spending hours creating the world of your dreams, then Terraria is the game for you.

Released in 2011 by Re-Logic, Terraria has stood the test of time and you can check out the countless positive reviews for this game across the web.

The sandbox-style of play is accompanied by free updates and randomly generated worlds. If you get tired of one existence you can always begin again in a new world with its own set of characteristics and gameplay for you to work with.

Due to its longevity in the gaming world, Terraria differs from many modern survival games in that you do not simply have to defeat foes or over the competition. It runs more along the lines of Minecraft in which you create your world and path within it. If you want to be a conqueror you can be, but if you want to form alliances and create a new world then this is at your fingertips.

With only 8 players per server, this game is perfect for setting up either a cooperative or competitive format, be it a public or private server, but for world-building, a private server is the best option. Explore the deep recesses of the world you inhabit and discover new materials and ways of building to help or defeat your friends and foes. You will find, rich grasslands, deadly caves and mysterious locations throughout each world. You must learn to avoid these or use them to your advantage.

Terraria and its community

Officially the fifth largest-selling game ever as of 2019 and going through its fourth major update, if you haven’t taken the time out to play Terraria, now is your chance. You will find in Terraria a community just as helpful and eager as those found in other big games such as Minecraft and World of warcraft. Gameplay options are limitless with a countless supply of user-generated mods. This means every time you play you may discover something new that’s was not part of the intended game, making your experience fun and unique every time.

Gaming options

You will want to spend some time playing solo and learning the basics of gathering supplies, building and protection before moving in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is when the game gets really interesting and you must think of ways to thrive amongst friends and enemies.

Terraria and server options

If you are planning to play alongside friends, we always believe that a private server is the best option and there are quite a few reasons for this.

Many public servers host Terraria, it is a popular game. But with this comes a few problems which can hinder your gameplay. The long-lasting server providers will come with specific styles of play, admin interruptions and experienced gamers who may not like to play nice.

By hosting your own server, you can choose who joins, the style of play you want and develop your own mods to assist you in the game. Be it world-building or competition between friends, hosting your own server blocks out and inconveniences you don’t want to put up with on public servers.

If you are new to the gaming world or just this particular game. Having your own server lets you develop your style of play. You might choose to game solo, but after a while, this gets a little boring. Having friends involved makes it a much more fun experience. As a collective, you can come up with your own rules and ways to build and do battle.

If you are more experienced, then you might spend hours searching for the right server to suit how you play. By having your own you don’t waste all this time and you can get right into the action. If you are big into gaming, you know the issues that come with public servers in a host of games. These can be eliminated when you host your own and when you are ready you can make the server open to new players and develop some new friendships along the way.